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Post by Lindsss on Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:05 am

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Avery has seen neither hide nor hair of her family in ages, unless you count Robin. But even he has been away for too long. In the past few months and even before then, Avery has become exceptionally skilled at creating a lie for herself, for her life. He went before the world fell apart, but even the claims that he's dead aren't enough to convince her to give up on him. Only two people in the world know the truth: Keiran, the third of Robin and Avery's trio; and Henry, who refused to accept her story when she presented it. Of course, circumstances being what they were, she couldn't expect much more.

"On The Run" isn't so accurate as "Searching for Robin," but that's her claim anyhow. So she's going by Avery Bishop again, and anyone who asks why is in for an earful.


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