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Sadie had a pretty normal life, she supposed. She was one of the few muggleborns to deeply hate Hogwarts. At school, she was a loner, disliked and mistreated. She didn't really bother with her fellow students after awhile, cultivating her own interests. Her father was former military, so he instilled a love of weapons in her, and she's been shooting since a young age. When the disasters hit, she had gone for a walk in her neighborhood and had to wait it out in an old park. She got home in time to find her mother struck dead by the collapsed house, but there was no sign of her father. She packed a quick bag with a change of clothes, some food and water, and her father's handgun before venturing out into the world. The next day, she ran into Alisha Merchant, a girl her age and year, and was convinced to band together. Sadie is desperate to find her father, and to survive the best she can.


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