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Post by Jackles on Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:48 pm

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Emily's parents wanted her to be well adjusted. They wanted her to be prim and proper. They weren't posh, but they truly wished they were. She went to private school her entire life, had to dress presentably, wasn't supposed to misbehave. She was a fairly simple girl. She enjoyed reading, she enjoyed art museums. But she also really enjoyed sitting with the weird kids at school. The artists, the burnouts, that kid with Aspergers. The friends Mom and Dad wanted for her didn't know about the friends she actually enjoyed. She didn't smoke with them, didn't make art, but she learned what it was like to be in their world.

She's always been a naturally solitary person, naturally a little melancholy person. She was walking through an old park when the disaster struck. She made it home but her parents were nowhere to be seen. She tried to find friends but nothing seemed the same anymore. She's felt something strange about this world, something otherworldy. But she couldn't think of a reason, if she didn't manage to survive.


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