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Post by Jackles on Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:01 pm

Solomon Lewis  Tumblr_inline_mpbf0xhKmJ1qz4rgp

Solomon Lewis  Tumblr_lx597kbkcJ1qilg5j

Solomon "Sully" Isaac Lewis

32 | American | On the Run | Curse Breaker | Travelling with 2 kids and a cat | Oscar Isaac

Sully's father was a dangerous, abusive man. His mother, a poor immigrant from Guatemala, had only started up with him for some sense of security. It didn't last as he proved himself to be  as dangerous to his son as he was to his partner, and Solomon's mother dipped out. Solomon spent most of his life having to pack up and move on every time good old Raoul came around.

Because of their unsteady life, Solomon didn't get to a real school until he was fourteen, instead working with his mother wherever they could get work, homeschooled by her along the way. Finally, at fourteen, enough financial aid came through and he was able to attend school in America. Solomon was incredibly resourceful and intelligent, and his professor's took a liking to him. When his mother went missing during his sixth year, his Transfiguration professor took him in for the summer. The man had once worked as a curse breaker and it was through him that Solomon was able to get the job as a curse breaker right out of school.

He moved to the UK, searching for his mother in his spare time. When the world was torn apart, Solomon was left alone with nothing but his skills to handle himself. In his trek to find civilization, he ended up collecting a tabby cat and two children who needed his help. Rumors have him setting his gaze on Hogwarts.


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