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The First Foray (WIP) Empty The First Foray (WIP)

Post by Jackles on Sun Nov 01, 2015 12:22 am

The world was collapsing around her but all she could hear was her own breath on the air, her own feet on the pavement. The air was stinging cold for some reason, despite the fires and the warmth of human life escaping. Sweat was creeping from her pores but she felt like stopping would somehow topple her. She had to be moving, moving forward, moving away.
Shouldn't an entire life, shouldn't fourteen years weigh more than five pounds?

Sadie Baxter slowed down as she reached a deep tear in the earth. She stopped at the edge and peered into the emptiness of the crevice. There had once been a street here, where people drove cars to their jobs with their coworkers. It was gone, and if that sound indicated anything, that sound she had been trying to ignore as she ran, then some of those people had been in their cars on that street when it had opened up and swallowed them.

She blinked and turned, surveying her options, her mind scanning through each possibility as though it was the only thing that existed. Soon, she was running alongside the tear in the earth, at a complete loss as to what to do. Her father's mobile had been among the rubble, she had heard its bleak ringing. There was no getting to him without actually finding him. And she had to find him. He was all she had left.

That was when her knees fastened and she was sent stumbling onto all fours. A large piece of plaster roughly caught her fall and her hands scrambled to put themselves between her head and the ground. Sticky blood formed above her eyebrow, and though the breath was rising from her lungs, she was not able to release it, not able to catch the new breath.

What the fuck was happening.
What the fuck was happening.
What the fuck.

A gasp of breath rattled through her body, releasing in a sob.

She had lost everything.

It had been three days and there was no sign of anyone. She had gone a whole day and night before forcing herself to curl up into a drainage pipe...



Sadie's eyes flew open and her body contracted, the back of her head slamming into the top of the pipe. She forced a hand over her mouth instinctively - and it seemed to be a good instinct. Above the concrete covering the drainage pipe, heavy footsteps were giving way.

"Have you seen anyone?"

"Not yet. Just that kid we got the wand off of?"

"Did he actually die?"

"He was on his way. There was a skrewt scuttling all over, had to get out of there."

"I swear I heard something."

All breath that might have been escaping from her lungs immediately turned around and sunk into her stomach. She slowly lowered a hand and put her hands down, pushing away from the opening. She could feel a draft behind her - she craned her neck, and could see a pinprick of light. Her toes and fingers strained to inch her away from the opening. And then...

Her toe skidded over a ridge, causing a small clatter. She rolled her lips inwardly, squeezing her eyelids tightly. She could feel her shallow breathing in the tight space and she knew she had to look. She slowly opened her eyes.

A face looked back. "Carter, there's a girl in here."

Sadie immediately began squirming backwards as quickly as she could, hands and legs moving in the cramped space.

"She's getting away!"


The oily-faced wizard tried to jam his body into the space, a hand stretching out, but Sadie was well out of reach. She could feel the pipe giving and she continued, beginning to pant with the effort.

"MOVE!" The slighter wizard was replaced with the angry face of a brutal looking man, who thrust a muscular arm forward, a wand at the end of it. She had nowhere to go. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to-


Sadie gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, preparing for the torturous pain... Still waiting and... it didn't come.

She opened an eye. The man was looking at his wand in confusion. He shook it and repeated the incantation, but it only caused a few sparks to erupt from the tip of the wand. Sadie gasped in relief and continued her wriggling backwards effort, causing an angry yell from the man.



Somehow, he had gotten it wrong.


Rubble exploded over the man. For a moment, Sadie could not understand what had happened, but her brain was screaming at her to run. So she shoved away from the explosion, the sounds of the two men coughing and shouting filling her ears.

She dropped out from the pipe onto a pile of torn up street, rolling quickly. Her legs circled and her arms pumped, putting distance between her and the strangers behind her, necessity allowing her to smoothly cross the distance in the rough terrain.


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